Why Exhibit

    It is a known fact that the UK is home to approximately two million Nigerians who either reside in the capital city of London or other metropolitan cities in the country. A significant number of this group have very strong affiliations with their roots in Nigeria and would desire to own a home there; evidently the Nigerian-UK Property Show presents that ideal opportunity for them to identify the property of their choice.

    Our visitors will be looking for…

    • Quality Nigerian properties
    • Properties in gated communities
    • Holiday Homes
    • Passive / Armchair Investments
    • Developers
    • Architects
    • Interior designers
    • Wealth Management advisors
    • Seminars
    • Financial Institutions

    What to expect- Our participants will have the privilege of being part of a highly interactive session where they are able to showcase their properties and also talk broadly about what exciting property deals they have on offer.